Cast Y Strainers

Fabricated Y Strainers


Material: CLASS 150, 300, Fabricated Carbon steel, Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel

Pressure: Up to 40 Bar

Temperature: Up to 400 Deg C


  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Streamlined Design
  • Bolted Covers Standard
  • Cast & Fabricated Design


  • Process industry
  • Metals & Minning
  • Chemical Industry
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Power Plants
  • Water and waste
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Infrastructure

Body Material

A216 WCB, Cast Iron, Gun Metal, A 106 ,SA516 ,SS 304, SS 316, CS TO IS 1239/ 3589, FRP Lined, Duplex steel, Alloy steel.
* Other materials on Request


  • Perforated sheets of any size and thickness
  • Weld mesh for Fireline Series
  • Linings down to 5 micron

Screen Material

SS 304, 316, Duplex, Brass, PP, Monel, Hast Alloy C

End Connection

  • Flanged FF / RF / TG
  • Buttwelded
  • Socket Welded
  • Screwed (up to 50nb)

Connection Standard

  • ANSI B16.5 125,150,300,600 CL
  • BS 10 TAB ‘E’
  • BS 4504
  • DIN PN 10, 16, 24

Covers and Accessories

  • Quick closing
  • Hinged
  • Davit Arm

Design Features

Teleflo Y strainers are designed to meet specific customer requirements and with our standard filter elements net free straining area of filter is minimum 4 times c/s area of the pipeline (except the fire line and the E series).  Casted strainers generally have a smooth internal geometry and the filter seat is machined at both ends to seat the filters with at most precision. Fabricated strainers are designed to meet ASME SEC VIII and filter guides are welded on both ends to seat the filter element properly.

Model P Series is a premium model and is designed to have very low pressure drop as shown in Appendix -2 of our Engineering Data Section. P series strainers come with cover flanges to ANSI B16,5 only. In other models the covers are deigned a per ASME SEC VIII to specific temperature and pressure ratings as shown in the detailed spec sheet of specific models. All casted strainers above 50 nb are available only in flanged connections and all fabricated strainers are available in flanged, butt welded and socket welded connections as per customer request.

Teleflo engineers have, with continuous R&D, come up with the LDS (Low drop strainer) series which would revolutionize the strainer industry. The standard bridge wall in any Y strainer, is eliminated , in the LDS strainer. This means lesser restriction to flow and lesser pressure drop for almost similar geometry of the conventional Y strainer, The LDS also uses lesser screen removal space and the net free straining area to pipe cross sectional are of the pipe line is 30% more than the conventional Y Strainer. This facilitates for less maintenance, since the cleaning cycle is 30 % less and also facilitates energy saving since the pressure drop across the strainer is low compared to the conventional Y Strainer.

Bolted covers are standard for sizes above 50nb and lower sizes generally come with screwed gland instead of flanged cover. Hinged covers , Quick closing covers are also available (Refer to covers and accessories in our engineering data connection.)

Strainers below 50nb are generally investment casted and are available in female screwed  end connections as standard. Other connections can be supplied on request .

DP ports are standard in our P Series and LDS models and cane be supplied on other models on specific request.